Fighting Spoofed Robocalls with STIR/SHAKEN

Let’s work together to deliver a cleaner telephone network.

Peeringhub is an approved
Certificate Authority

We makes it very easy for every telecom operators to become STIR/SHAKEN compliant in days.

Deploy & Support

When it comes to combating Spoofed Robocalls, every single effort counts.

Together we can make a better telephone network!

Providing technologies and solutions to significantly that simplify deployment of STIR/SHAKEN is the core value in Peeringhub.

STIR/SHAKEN Certificate

We provide STIR/SHAKEN certificate at the most affordable pricing, making it easy for anyone to become part of ecosystem.

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Authenticate/Verification Platform

Available as a cloud based and on-premise solution, our AS/VS platform provides both SIP and RESTful interfaces for and so meets all integration needs.

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Authentication Service

We help legitimate operators who are not yet approved as STIR/SHAKEN service provider to sign calls.

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About Peeringhub

Peeringhub is passionate about making a different in the industry by providing the most affordable, flexible, and scalable solutions for every operators to jump into the STIR/SHAKEN banswagon. We understand that the easier it is for operators to depoly STIR/SHAKEN, the soonest it will be for all of us to achive a zero robocaller networks. Knowledge is power and that is how we contribute our parts to make a difference for the industry.

Become STIR/SHAKEN Compliant

There are many solutions out there but only Peeringhub provides everything from Certificate to AS/VS platform without Capex.

What We Offer ?

Splash your dream color Bring your home to lively Colors. We make it a priotity to offer flexible services to accomodate your needs

High Performance

Our AS, VS, and Signing services are custom developed to be very high performance and support tens of thousands of requests per second. We also provide our services in multiple geographically locations to provide a fault tolerant services.

Low Latency

We embed LRN, DNC, into our AS services, so you don’t need to dip multiple times for each single call.

Flexible Interface

We support not only Restful API but also SIP 302 interface. Moreover, we support UDP as well as TCP to workaround the problem of jambo packet when stir/shaken signature is added.

Flexible Deployment

Our service can be run on a cloud environment with zero cap-ex. We also provide our software to run on your own network in an on-premise setting.


We are one of the lowest cost provide. Because of our strong in-house development, we are able to drive down a lot of costs by running our services in extreme high performance but less equipments.

24 by 7 support

We know telecom is a 24/7 industry, and that is why we equip ourselves with 24 by 7 support so you can get help whenever you need.


STIR/SHAKEN Certificate

If you are a STIR/SHAKEN Service Provider, we can provide you with certificates that are easy to obtain, reliable, and affordable.

  • Issue both short and long live certificates
  • Issue Certificates via Web Ui or API interface
  • Certificate repository provided out-of-box
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STIR/SHAKEN Authentication Service

You can start authenticating your outbound calls without CAPEX by using our SaaS platform. All you need to do is to upload your certificate and specify your attestation performance.

  • Specify attestation based on caller id
  • Specify attestation based on source IP
  • Specify attestation based on OCN
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STIR/SHAKEN Verification Service

You can start to protect your subscribers from robocallers by deploying verification service!

  • High Performance
  • Low Latency
  • Support both SIP 302 and RESTful API
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STIR/SHAKEN Signing Service

If you are not yet a STIR/SHAKEN service provider, Peeringhub can still help you to sign your outbound calls.

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Our rates

Splash your dream color Bring your home to lively Colors. We make it a priotity to offer flexible services to accomodate your needs

Certificate Service
  • Unlimited
  • Certificate
  • Hosted CR


Authentication Service
  • LRN Included
  • SAPI Interface
  • SIP 302 Interface


Verification Service
  • API Interface
  • SIP 302 Interface


Signing Service
  • API Interface
  • SIP 302 Interface


  • API Interface
  • SMS-Enable at 0.01 USD