Fully Automatic

Full Automation Being a fully-automated solution makes Peeringhub the option when it comes to managing TNs and origination networks.

API Enablement

CLECs are ready equipped with a full suite of APIs for customers to purchase and manage TNs.


Fully Customisable CLECs can create a unique look that matches their own branding.

About Peeringhub

At Peeringhub we are on a mission to help CLECs to automate the management of TNs. Our vision is to provide a solution that is secure, intuitive and powerful. We know that flexibility and customisation are important, and with this in mind we have designed a product that allows each business to add its own personal touch.

Peeringhub: passionate about giving you the power to personalisation a perfect solution.

Our Services

Maximize the power and performance of your TN with our reliable solutions.


We provide you with Stir-Sharken compliant vertification and authorization services.

API Enablement

We give you a set of APIs that you can offer to to your customer to buy and manage your DID inventory.

SMS Enablement

We help you to SMS enable your DID inventory.

Billing Service

We provide auto invoicing and payment gateway integration to your users.

SMS Orig/Term

We provide you with SMPP and HTTP interface for sending and receiving SMS with your DIDs.

DID Management

We give you a very user friendly interface to manage your DIDs.

Sell your TN online with your white-labelled portal and API


Days to Market






% Uptime Guranteed
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Our rates

Description Rate
Phone Number Management 0.01 USD / TN / month
SMS Enablement 0.01 USD / TN / month
Incoming SMS FREE
Incoming Calls FREE
Outgoing SMS to US 0.0009 / SMS
Outgoing Calls to US 0.0025 / min

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